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Accounting Services

Timely, accurate financial information is critical for making sound business decisions. Our experience with accounting matters and our hands-on involvement in all our accounting services provides meaningful information and the insight to see beyond the numbers. We provide the following accounting services.

  • Audit of financial statements
  • Review and compilation of financial statements
  • Monthly or quarterly bookkeeping
  • Complete payroll processing and administration
  • Outsourced controller function
  • Profitability enhancement planning
  • Financial projections
  • Accounting system design
  • Internal controls review
  • Quickbooks/accounting software consulting
  • Forensic accounting and litigation support

Tax Services

Most people don’t like “surprises” when it comes to taxes. With numerous changes in the tax law in the last decade, more enacted this year, and more to come in the near future, tax compliance is a key issue for most clients. The frequency and magnitude of changes also make the planning function critical to our clients’ financial success. One of the keys to providing creative tax advice is our ability to relate our knowledge of and experience with the tax laws, regulations and interpretive matters to our clients in their current situation and in prospective transactions. We believe tax planning is a year-round process. This process keeps our clients informed of the issues and changes in tax laws and will assist in the formulation of plans to reduce their tax burdens.

In servicing small to medium-sized clients, we have found that the payroll tax area can be as critical an issue as income tax reporting. Certainly, changing laws and increased reporting penalties make these areas worthy of additional attention. We keep our clients current on these issues and provide any necessary assistance.

As small business owners ourselves, we believe we are particularly sensitive to the needs and concerns of our clients. Whether the issue is related to tax compliance, buy-sell agreements, or employee benefit matters, we are prepared to serve our clients.

We provide the following tax services:

  • Income tax preparation
  • Income tax planning
  • Business formation advise and planning
  • General business and financial planning
  • Payroll tax returns